Alphateam is a boutique Industrial Automation company based in Perth, Western Australia.

Johan Maritz, the Engineering Manager has 20+ years experience in Control System Engineering & Industrial Automation to deliver solutions in the mining and industrial sectors. The team is highly experienced in the Control System Engineering & Industrial Automation field.

Why Choose Alphateam

Alphateam can bring intimate systems knowledge to your organisation to ensure efficient and effective project completion. We have seen firsthand the problems that come from larger automation companies, where service and communication becomes convoluted. The result is a messy processes and inefficient results for clients.

By contrast, you will deal direct with the founder when you deal with Alphateam. This ensures continuation of strategy from the initial planning phases right through to commissioning of the system. Along the way, we are able to make adjustments in a timely manner should the scope change or unforeseen needs arise.

We understand that it is our reputation that is on the line every time we take on a project. We take a rigorous, exhaustive approach as we design software, taking into account the many variables that arise in most industrial environments. The result is a better designed system that is less likely to fail, meaning less downtime and a more efficient solution for you.

Company Values

At the heart of Alphateam lies a team spirit that will deliver control engineering solutions that will exceed all expectations for every project.

When Alphateam takes on a new project, we make it our goal to work with you as part of your team. We will be the last to leave site and will only do so if we have achieved our goal. We pride ourselves on every project completed and strive to make every single project a success.
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