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Exertherm 24/7 Thermal Monitoring Solutions

24/7 Thermal Condition Monitoring lets you predict and prevent failures. Exertherm® predictive thermal monitoring solutions are specifically designed to provide protection against major and expensive failures saving money and increasing safety.


Increase Asset Production


Reduce Maintenance Costs


Reduce Outage Risks


Digitize Your Assets

Exertherm® is a non-powered, non-contact infrared sensor solution which is a maintenance-free operation and more cost effective to install, instead of dealing with downtime. The system provides real-time thermal reading data and raises alarms to avoid failures and catastrophic arc flashes.


We offer stand-alone and integrated solutions for any SCADA system.  Having the data at your fingertips will have numerous benefits of which safety and financial implications are at the top. We can supply hardware, with the option of installation and integration that suits your needs. Our solution offers you continuous monitoring data at your fingertips (SCADA & mobile) with data trends and alarms. 

What does Exertherm Thermal Monitoring Provide?

  • Non- powered, non-contact InfraRed Sensor
  • Reduced risk of fire/explosion resulting from Arc Flash
  • Increased operator & facility safety
  • Reduced unplanned maintenance
  • Load Related Alarms
  • Maintenance free, lifetime warranty

Exertherm Products

IR Sensor


MCC Monitoring Kit

MCC Datacard

LED Hires

Sensor Loom


Bus Duct Monitoring

MV Switchgear

LV Switchgear

Motor Control Centre

LV Transformers

Dry Transformers

Exertherm Product Info

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