System Design Specification


Detailed Software Design Specification

When all information is gathered, a Detailed software specification is generated. This is a document that will be approved by the client before any software is created. The software specification will cover various aspects…..

  • Hardware requirement and design
  • Control Software
  • Plant Sequences
  • Protection and interlock tables
  • Alarms / warning tables
  • Analogue Ranges

Control Network Design

Detailed Control network drawings form part of every project. Whether it be a very simple local control network for a small plant or a major network design for DCS systems spread over multiple locations, MICS will generate CAD drawings for the entire required network and issue location detailed drawings for each location.

Control Panel Design Drawings

We can assist or completely design control panels for every control automation project. Design is completed is CAD and to be sighed off by the client before it is issued for construction.

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