PLC Programming Perth

Behind many automated process is an advanced Programmable Logic Controller that orchestrates every step of the process with precision timing.

Alphateam in Perth specialise in Siemens and Allen Bradley PLC programming as well as other major brands.

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HMI and SCADA Engineers 

Human Machine Interface (HMI's) provides a means for operators to interact with machines and processes. HMI's range from basic panel mounted push buttons to advanced Supervisory Control and Data Aquistion (SCADA) systems with alarm logging and parameter trending depending on the operational needs.

Alphateam's SCADA team in Perth will recommend  and develop the ideal HMI or SCADA to suit your needs.

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IT Networks & Industrial Communications 

Networking can become quite complex and special care needs to be taken when assessing and designing a network or communications interface. Alphateam specializes in network design and industrial communications in Perth with special focus on network security.

Alphateam will ensure you network is efficient,  secure and safe from unwanted intrusion.

Factory & Process Automation 

Alphateam's engineers are experts in process automation and will carefully study your factory or process, consult operators and design a control system that takes full advantage of the latest technology available in Perth.

Not only will the plant run efficiently, but it will be optimised to save time and money.

Variable Frequency Drives

Variable Frequency Drives, aslo known as Variable Speed drives or VFD's offer advanced motor control functions and asset protection, and can significantly reduce electricity costs. Alphateam has extensive experience in electric motor control and variable frequency drives, and can design and install the ideal motor control system for your application.

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Remote Technical Support

Every system delivered by our team is backed by ongoing technical support. Our engineers can run remote diagnostics and troubleshoot faults without delay minimising downtime and saving on travel costs. We also have highly skilled Electrical & Instrument Technicians to perform onsite repairs and maintenance.


Marine & Industrial Electricians

Our team of Electrical Technicians are highly skilled and experienced. Whether you need machine maintenance or an after hour breakdown our team can help. We know the marine industry and understand that breakdowns need to be dealt with in short time frames.


A Complete End to End Solution.

From the initial consultation and planning right through to the commissioning and training, you can be confident you will get a robust, efficient system that exceeds your expectations in quality and careful consideration of variables.

Quality Delivered with Integrity.