DEIF Product Support

DEIF Support Perth

Alphateam is Perth based electrical and industrial automation engineering company. Our engineers and technicians are highly skilled and have in depth knowlegde of industrial automation, generator protection and power management systems. Our Deif product knowledge is of great benefit to our clients as problems are resolved in shorter timeframes reducing downtime and costs.

We can supply, install and support a range of DEIF products including:

DEIF Generator Protection Unit GPU-3

Stand Alone Engine Controller DEIF AGC 150 Engine Drive Marine

Stand Alone Generator Controller AGC Generator Marine

Automatic Genset Controllers AGC-4Mk II

Generator Paralleling Controller DEIF GPC-3

DEIF PPM 300 Genset Controller

Paralleling & Protection DEIF GPC 300


Generator Repairs and Maintenance

DEIF generator protection and power management systems are well known and utilised in the marine and offshore industry worldwide and quite often serve as the backbone of marine power management systems. Over the years Deif has built a reputation for quality products that are reliable and last for many years. When problems occur it's best to get the right support to ensure that products and aplications operate and perform as intended. Our team are able to troubleshoot and repair DEIF automation and power management systems effectively.  We also repair marine and industrial generators and alternators including replacing and setting up AVR's, rotating diodes, setting up units for synchronising. We can replace alternator bearings and sleeve end shields, balance armatures and rotors.

Power Management Systems

Our technicians are trained and experienced in working with DEIF generator control and power management systems including:

DEIF  PPM2, PPM3,PPU-2, Deif GPU 300, Dief PPM 300, PPU 300 Protection and Power Management controllers