Electric Motor Sales Perth

Electric Motor Sales Perth

Alphateam Pty Ltd is a specialist electric motor supplier in Perth, WA. We supply a large range of low, medium and high voltage WEG and TECO electric motors for various applications. Contact us for electric motor and drive packages, we will help you make the right choice for your application.

Teco Electric Motor Models 

We can supply, install, and commission the the following electric motors:

  • Teco MAXe3 Mining Motors, 0.18 KW to 500KW electric motors
  • Teco MAXe3 Premium Severe Duty electric motors, 0.18KW to 185KW
  • TECO IEC Ex Hazardous Area motors, Ex d flameproof motors, Ex td Dust Ignition Proof electric motors
  • TECO Te3 and Max Alloy Low Voltage Motors, 3-Phase
  • Teco Squirrel Cage Induction Motors,  Vertical Hollow Shaft electric motors, 2.2KW to 185KW
  • TECO Open Drip Proof IP23 Motors

Teco Electric Motor Sales Perth

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WEG Electric Motor Models:

  • WEG W21 IE2 General Purpose electric motors, 0.18 KW to 330KW
  • WEG Brake Motors, W21 IE2. Up to 30KW, Frames 63 to 200
  • WEG Industrial Motors, W22 IE3. Range up to 500KW, Frame sizes 63 to 355, Voltage up to 1.1KV, 2,4,6 and 8 pole electric motors
  • WEG W22 Exec IE3 Non Sparking electric motors, up to 355KW.Designed for safey and reliability for operation in a variety of applications that require a non-incendive motor, where the flammable mixture is not often present, but may present risks.
  • WEG Dust Ignition Proof electric motors, W22 Ex tb IE3
  • WEG W22 IE3 Mining Spec Motors.Designed with the highest efficiency for the severest applications. With mechanical characteristics that ensures durability, mechanical strength and robustness in every step of the mining process.

Whether you simply need a a replacement motor for existing installations or a complete turnkey solution for a new project Alphateam can help. Our team has extensive experience with electric motors including electrical and mechanical repairs, control system designs, installation and commissioning. Whatever your electric motor application and requirements are our Perth-based electric motor experts can assist.

Let us make your problems disappear.

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