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Industrial Electricians Perth

Alphateam is Perth based industrial electrical company. Our team of industrial electricians and instrument technicians are highly experienced and have in depth knowlegde of industrial automation, electrical systems and installations. This is a great benefit to our clients as problems are resolved in shorter timeframes reducing downtime and costs. Our team of highly trained industrial electricians can install, manage, repair and maintain all of your electrical plant, machinery, and equipment.

The industrial electricians at Alphateam are trained in PLC programming,VFDs and Softstarters, and troublshooting automated machinery and processes. We can design and install control systems and HMI's for a wide range of industrial automation applications. We have extensive experience with electric motors, motor starting and control technology. We can provide on site repairs and maintenance of electric motors, generators and control equipment.

Industrial Electrical Services Perth:

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Electric Motor Control (VFDs, Sofstarters,DOL, Star Delta)

Our of electrical technicians are experts on electrical motors and control systems. We can design new systems and troubleshoot complex electrical motor control systems. We work with all major brand VFDs ( Variable Frequency Drives) including:

Siemens Micromaster 420, Micromaster 440, Sinamics G120C, SinamicsG120 Inverter drives

Allen Bradley Drives Perth Power flex 523 AC Drives, Powerflex 525 Frequency Drives, Power Flex 527, Powerflex 4M, Powerflex 400 AC drives, Powerflex 40P Inverter Drives

Danfoss VLT Micro Drive FC51, VLT AutomationDrive FC301/FC302, VLTAutomationDrive FC 360, VLT 2800, VLT 3000, VLT 3500, VLT 500 and VLT 6000 Inverter drives

ABB ACS55, ABB ACS150, ABB ACS310, ABB ACS355, ABB ACS550, ABB ACS580 Variable speed drives

Machine Repairs and Maintenance

We can repair and service industrial machinery including industrial ovens, milling machines,compressors, lathes, wool handling machinery including dumps, sampling and sorting machines.

Electric Motor Repairs and Maintenance

Our capabilities changing motor bearings, shaft and rotor balancing, new shaft manufacturing or modification, sizing and sleaving end shields and electrical testing.

Generator repairs and Maintenance

We repair marine and industrial generators and alternators including replacing and setting up AVR's, rotating diodes, setting up units for synchronising. We can replace alternator bearings and sleeve end shields, balance armatures and rotors.

Power Management Systems

Our technicians are trained and experienced in working with generator control and power management systems including:

DEIF  PPM2, PPM3,PPU-2, Dief GPU 300, Dief PPM 300, PPU 300 Protection and Power Management controllers

Electrical Installations

Our commitment to precision, safety, and efficiency sets us apart as the premier choice for industrial electrical installations in Western Australia. Whether you're establishing a new facility or upgrading existing infrastructure, our seasoned experts bring a wealth of experience to ensure your projects are powered with excellence.

Electrical Repairs and Maintenance