Schneider PLC Programming

Schneider PLC Programming Perth

Alphateam Pty Ltd are your Schneider PLC Programming and HMI experts in Perth. Our engineers extensive experience with Schneider Modicon,M340, Twido PLCs, Magelis HMI, Citect SCADA and Schneider ClearSCADA Systems.

Past Schneider PLC and SCADA Projects

  • Power station cooling water upgrade using Schneider ClearSCADA
  • Upgrade of a bake transfer car using Schneider M340 with unity 6.0, Magelis HMI with Vijeo Designer
  • Replace shaft vent fans control system with new Schneider M340 PLC
  • Upgrade vaious controls systems with Schneider M340, Quantum, Momenetum, SCADAPack and Twido PLCs and Magelis HMI and CitectSCADA systems
  • Senior Control Systems Engineer Citect Australia


Schneider PLC Programming and SCADA Courses completed by our team members

  • Schneider Certified Programmer
  • Schneider PlantStruxture Certified Programmer
  • Schneider CitectSCADA
  • Schneider PLC Unity Pro
  • Schneider Plant Struxture Process Expert
  • Schneider Architexture and Redundancy
  • Schneider AMPLA (MES)

Schneider PLC Programming Specialists in Perth

Alphateam Pty Ltd specialises in Schneider PLCs and control systems and industrial automation products, Industrial Communication, Schneider SCADA systems, and Modicon and Twido PLC programming . Together, our knowledge and skills allow us to provide a total industrial automation solution for  manufacturing and processing industries in Perth. Our team can assist your PErth business Schneider PLCs, HMI Programming and SCADA systems.

We have worked with the following Siemens PLC, DCS and SCADA systems

Schneider Modicon, Twido PLCs, ClearSCADA, Citect SCADA, M340 PLCs, Magelis HMI