Variable Frequency Drives

Benefits of Variable Frequency Drives

  • Reduced running costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Advanced control
  • Advanced monitoring
  • Asset protection
  • Pre-programmed application settings

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), also known as AC drives and Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) are commonly used in various industries including HVAC, Water treatment, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Mining. The cost saving benefits and advanced control functions make VFDs the preferred method of AC motor control in modern plant and automation applications.

Reduced cost and increased efficiency

When correctly selected, installed and commissioned Variable Frequency Drives can result in cost savings of up to 50% of running costs when compared to constant speed electric motor control. This is achieved by varying the motor speed and torque depending on load requirements so we only use what is required.

Advanced control with Variable Frequency Drives

VFDs have advanced control functions and flexibility. The latest Variable Speed Drives have built in PLCs so no additional hardware is required for many applications. Motor speed ramp up times can be adjusted resulting in a smooth start up, reduced load and less stress on the motor increasing its life.


Advanced monitoring with Variable Frequency drives

Modern AC drives have built in monitoring and alarm functions so no additional equipment is required to identify faults or read data. A digital user interface displays alarm and fault codes so no advanced troubleshooting is required to determine the cause of faults reducing downtime. Latest advances in AC Drive technology make it possible to remotely monitor drive fault codes, parameters and data.

Pre- Programmed Application settings

VFDs have pre-programmed settings for various applications like pump motor, fan motor control and heavy duty constant torque applications reducing the implementation and commissioning times and ensures optimal settings for each application.

Asset protection

Variable Speed Drives have built in safety functions which shut down the drive when faults are detected. For example, overload protection in the event that the electric motor or coupled pump is seized or experience above normal load conditions allowing operators to investigate problems before extensive damage has occurred. Other functions include phase failure detection, low insulation resistance, short circuit and under voltage detection. Current limiting functions offer additional motor protection by reducing the VSD output under high load conditions.

Our team of electrical technicians are experts on electrical motors and control systems. We can design new systems and troubleshoot complex electrical motor control systems. We work with all major brand VFDs ( Variable Frequency Drives) including:

Weg CF300 Easy Drive, Weg CF500 G2, MW400 Machinery drives, CFW701 Drives, Weg CF11 Industrial and system drives, MVW3000 Medium Voltage Drives

Siemens Micromaster 420, Micromaster 440, Sinamics G120C, SinamicsG120 Inverter drives

Allen Bradley Power flex 523 AC Drives, Powerflex 525 Frequency Drives, Power Flex 527, Powerflex 4M, Powerflex 400 AC drives, Powerflex 40P Inverter Drives

Danfoss VLT Micro Drive FC51, VLT AutomationDrive FC301/FC302, VLTAutomationDrive FC 360, VLT 2800, VLT 3000, VLT 3500, VLT 500 and VLT 6000 Inverter drives

ABB ACS55, ABB ACS150, ABB ACS310, ABB ACS355, ABB ACS550, ABB ACS580 Variable speed drives