Variable Frequency Drive Sales

Variable Frequency Drive Sales Perth

Alphateam Pty Ltd supplies, programs and installs a wide range of Variable Speed Drives from leading manufacturers across a wide range of applications. Whatever the application is we can provide a turnkey solution for your motor control requirements. We also supply electric motor and drive packages.

Siemens VFD Range

  • Siemens Sinamics Low voltage drives, 0.12KW to 6840KW
  • Siemens Standard Performance Frequency Converter, 0.12 to 2700KW, models include Sinamics V20 VFD, Siemens Sinamics G120C, Siemens G120 Drive, Siemens G130 Variable Frequency Drive range 100KW to 2700KW
  • Siemens High-Performance Frequency Converters for single and multiple axis drives and motion control applications
  • Siemens Sinamics S220 Drive, Sinamics S120 VFD, Siemens G220 Variable Speed Drive

Weg Variable Frequency Drive Range

  • WEG CFW300 Easy Drive VSD
  • WEG CFW500 G2/MW500 Machinery VFDs
  • WEG CFW701 HVAC/ R Variable Speed Drives
  • WEG CFW11 Industrial & System VSDs
  • WEG MVW3000 Medium Voltage Drives

WEG Soft Starter Range

  • WEG SSW05 Plus Micro Soft starter
  • WEG SSW07 General Purpose Soft Starter
  • WEG SSW900 Advanced Features Soft Starter
  • WEG SSW7000 Medium Voltage soft starter motor control & protection solution

We can supply and pre-program WEG VSDs for various applications like pump motors, fan motor control and heavy duty constant torque applications.

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TECO Variable Speed Drive Range

  • TECO A510S Enhanced Current Vector Control Drives
  • TECO F510 Enhanced Fan & Pump Drives
  • TECO E510S General Vector Control Variable Speed Drives
  • TECO L510S Compact VFDs


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If you want to buy a VFD or electric motor and drive package, we service all areas in Perth, WA.