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Alphateam has been engaged for the partial decommissioning of a Coal Crushing Plant, focusing on areas that have been unused for several years. This requires the decommissioning of the crushing plant’s Siemens S5 PLC, as well as removal of redundant equipment and most of the switchroom’s switchgear.

This work has been structured to avoid impact on our client’s resources, with many in-place belts still being required for use by the plant on a daily basis. Alphateam’s process ensures that there will be no operational downtime, with a gradual transitioning of all remaining equipment to be under the control of the plant’s T3000 DCS. 

Ongoing DCS integration is also being performed, with a previous project seeing a DCS upgrade for the stockout tower, hardwiring vital communication signals between the stockout PLC and the main crushing plant. Scheduled upgrades include the local installation of a S7-300 ET200 remote IO rack, which will allow all equipment and associated IO to be removed from the S5 PLC and wired locally, once identified. Equipment controls will then be programmed in the DCS as required.